About Energy Oasis


Energy Oasis works as your energy reduction partner, facilitating energy efficiencies through the monitoring and installation of Intelligent LED lighting and and energy management solutions.

Using UK manufactured and highest quality, tried and tested equipment and materials, Energy Oasis works across the UK, helping businesses and organisations reduce their carbon footprint, meet their corporate social responsibility commitments, and save money on their energy bills.


We provide an honest and straight-forward holistic brokerage service in renewable energy, together with energy efficiency solutions for communities, businesses and organisations.

We want to see a transformation in how energy is consumed and used in the UK, where communities, businesses and organisations are utilising the best combination of energy reduction technologies and by doing so minimise their power consumption; minimise the environmental impact of their power generation; and maximise the financial benefit they receive from the changes they have made.


You receive a unique, bespoke, holistic solution based on accurate gathered data and realistically viable future energy solutions.

You won’t be tied to one specific energy source (unless that is absolutely the right solution for your particular needs), and you will be benefit from working with Energy Oasis who research the market place and understand the energy reduction industry to provide the best possible combination of technologies for your business.

You will receive a complete end-to-end service, and you do not have to be responsible for any aspect of the service provision, installation, management and maintenance.


Working with you we will:

1. Monitor your existing energy usage.

2. Identify and educate on the “human factor” that can cause inefficiencies and waste.

3. Implement low/no cost set-point corrective measures.

4. Introduce appropriate energy efficiency technologies to reduce energy bills using data-backed ROI plans.

5. Develop and install the right combination of energy management and supply solutions.


Do you work within the Industries that receive the greatest advantages from installing energy reduction technologies

Retail Sector | Manufacturing | Education Establishments | Care Sector | Sports Facilities | Agriculture