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Rural Community Energy Funding (RCEF) Award

Energy Oasis have successfully secured a £40,000 Stage 1 Feasibility Grant on behalf of Scrayingham Parish Council for the Leppington Energy Community Interest Scheme. Leppington is a small village in the Ryedale area of North Yorkshire. There are currently c.30 residential properties in the village, and a dairy farm. A Feasibility Study will determine the […]

Energy Saving with LED Daylight Harvesting

The following diagrams represent real time energy reduction in in LED output in bright light conditions. As latent light increases the output of our LED lighting drops saving costs – Intelligent LED lighting units contain sensors capable of reducing their output as the level of ambient light around them increases. By comparing the two diagrams […]

Light Quality, Kelvins & Lux Levels

The diagram below explains the Kelvin scale. It is important to understand that electric light is relatively new to us. It has been common place for the last 80 years, before that we had candles or gas/ paraffin lights. Then we invented the bulb and most places received mains electricity; to make light we heated […]