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Energy Monitoring, Reduction & Efficiency

Behavioural and technology changes saves money and carbon

Data allows us to assess what we can do and show you we’ve done it.
We consider all aspects of data capture that may come from your energy bills, your fiscal meter installations, or from a walk around your properties. However, to get the most informative data about where, when and how you are consuming energy, we can also provide our own equipment installations.

Energy Monitoring

Our monitoring equipment may be a short-term installation for identifying your existing energy situation, identifying the savings opportunities, and proving the savings afterwards. Or, we can provide metering and monitoring solutions that remain in-situ as part of a permanent energy management solution.

Changing your behaviours and installing energy efficient technologies with Energy Oasis, will reduce your energy consumption, save you money, reduce you carbon output, comply with the latest legislation, meet on-going energy reduction targets and demonstrate social responsibility.

Energy Oasis Community
Energy Oasis Savings

The UK Government has introduced legislative guidelines and financial penalties for businesses not making a demonstrable commitment to reduce their energy consumption through the Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS). Energy Oasis can advise you on these matters and demonstrate the financial and business rewards of taking action. The Government sometimes have a range of financial incentives and grants and Energy Oasis will utilise these to your best advantage.

Poor power quality has significant costs that might otherwise remain hidden. It incurs additional energy costs and carbon emissions, poor operational performance and necessitates advanced equipment replacement costs. Energy Oasis can provide a range of solutions to improve the power quality of your network and the potential to avoid significant business costs.

Energy Oasis Lighting
"It’s made a huge difference, we are really pleased that we rolled this project out and are now looking at other areas of the site."

- Peter Greaves - Managing Director

Our flexible finance model gives you and your business what you need…