Energy Reduction


Here’s how working with Energy Oasis WILL reduce how much you pay for your energy, by reducing your energy consumption.


When it comes to Energy Monitoring, every second counts.

If you need to conform to the latest mandatory energy monitoring for large organisations in the UK, or simply want to your business more efficiently, then you need the latest in energy monitoring. Some solutions offer crude average readings for hours, days or even weeks at a time. The Energy Oasis solution uses special software that collects, collates and analyses your energy usage in REAL-TIME. This is absolutely critical for anyone who wants to understand the absolute detail of their usage. Imagine being able to see for yourself exactly when and where your peaks occur, and what causes them. Only a system like this gives you that power.


You know how it is. The warehouse, shopfloor, showroom or office is only occupied and operational during set hours, yet somehow the lights always seem to be on longer. The heating thermostat is set at a comfortable temperature, yet at one end of the office someone has a window open and an electric heater turned on, and at the other there is a desk fan and four separate kettles no-one knew were there. IN every system, there is always a little bit of human intervention, and whilst seeming trivial at times, this sort of unmonitored energy usage can see costs spiral out of control, with no real idea how or why it is happening. Our monitoring system allows you to pinpoint unexpected usage, and raise staff awareness of the part they can play.


Implement low/no cost set-point corrective measures.

Now you are able to understand where the energy waste is because you have the knowledge we can work with you to reduce or eliminate this. We start by seeing if we can move your electrical load from the Red Zone, this can save thousands of pounds, just by changing the start-up time of high inductive loads. Looking at how much you are paying in additional tariffs on your electricity bill and helping you to understand the energy Triads.

For more information on Triads, please see: National Grid | Three is the magic number

Some of the measures are simple and easy to do for very little cost. Just getting rid of the switch can save lots of money. Educating staff and co-workers on waste. Telling them to turn the hidden fan heater off when they leave work. Helping them to understand the cost to the business of being inefficient. Looking at energy tariffs and aligning them to your consumption profile.


Introduce appropriate energy efficient technologies to reduce energy bills using data-backed 'Return On Investment (ROI) Plans'.

We then look at the quickest wins for you in terms of reducing your electrical load. This could be a phased instillation over a period of months. We will normally start with a combination of intelligent LED lighting and controls to achieve the outcome you require. This can save you as much as 80% of your current energy cost with an ROI of 36 months. It is also tax efficient as you can claim the enhanced capital allowance reducing the cost by a further 20%.

Once we have taken this load down we can then look at energy management devices and power factor correction. This can reduce the consumption by a further 10% with an ROI of 18 months.

It is important to understand that the cheapest solution is never the best. The whole objective is to reduce your consumption and maintenance costs whilst providing a lighting environment which is well lit and good for our overall health and wellbeing.

You do not want a solution that lasts for 3 to 5 years and then has to be replaced because the fittings have failed. With LED you are not replacing a tube or a bulb. You will be replacing the whole unit.

Heating by installing inferred heating panels and heating people rather than spaces we can dramatically reduce gas bills. Energy Oasis work with Welltherm to design and install and monitor radiant heating systems.

One of our clients was spending £12,000.00 a year on electricity and £10,000 on gas.

By installing LED lighting and radiant heat panels we reduced the electricity bill to £9,000.00 a year and the gas bill to less than £300.00 a year. An annual net saving of £12,700. In addition there will be no maintenance bill for either heating or lighting for the next 15 years.

The ROI on this model was three years and four months. This business also has solar panels which provide an income of £4,500.00 a year indexed linked for 20 years.


Develop and install the right combination of renewable energy generation and supply solutions.

Many companies in the UK have installed renewable technology’s over the last 5 years and some are continuing to do so. What they have typically installed is a solution that gives the highest yield in terms of feed in Tariff or FIT.

What they have not done is to understand how to balance this generation with their consumption requirements and how by balancing this load they can create their own micro grid and potentially wipe out their electricity bill.

Energy Oasis understands not only how to do this, we have the skills and technologies to make this a reality. By using tried and tested storage and battery solutions, proven sub metering and controls we can balance the loads produced by solar, wind and CHP to create effective micro grids.

The up side for business is continued payment of the FIT. No or dramatically reduced electricity purchased from the grid. Also the ability to buy it at night when the cost is dramatically lower.

Protection from future energy increases.

A much lower carbon footprint.

At the end of the day It’s all about common sense and maths.