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Option One – Full Payment


Alternatively you might be in a position to fully fund the initial installation and set-up costs yourself.

This way you get maximum immediate benefit, the same longer-term savings, and in addition you would receive 100% of all the Government financial bonuses and incentives that are available.

Option Two – Partial Payment


You might decide to part-fund the installation, and leave the rest to us. Working in this way, we share the up-front cost of installation, and then go on to share the Government financial benefits that are available.

We would work with you to agree terms that are fair and transparent for both parties.

Option Three – Fully Funded


You might opt for a zero CapEx approach. This means you don’t need to spend a single penny on installation, and with Energy Oasis as your energy supply partner, you still benefit from an overall reduction in your energy costs from a like-for-like annual reduction in energy consumption..