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Energy Oasis has a mission to educate companies in energy reduction; efficient LED lighting is a key component for unlocking cost savings.


During the selection of LED Lighting it's important to consider the 'cost of installation' in addition to the ongoing 'running' and 'maintenance costs'. All too often cheaper initial lamp purchase costs are far out weighed by the running and maintenance costs. Businesses receive poor advice and buy a substandard product which does not perform as they expect, either in terms of consumption, light output or longevity.

Energy Oasis only install UK manufactured LED lights, which meet the stringent criteria of the Information Technology List which allows clients to claim 20% of the value against the cost of installation through the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme. There are other tax incentives that can also be claimed, which can offset the cost of installation by a further 40%.

The solutions we provide also completely comply with UK building regulations and fire regulations. We understand the importance of lighting design, so in many instances we will reduce the number of lights, rather than just replacing like for like.

UK Intelligent LED Manufacturers | Low Energy Designs

Energy Oasis are proud partners of Low Energy Designs - UK market leaders in Intelligent LED manufacturing.

UK Manufactured Intelligent LED Lighting


The diagram below explains the Kelvin scale. It is important to understand that electric light is relatively new to us. It has been common place for the last 80 years, before that we had candles or gas/ paraffin lights. Then we invented the bulb and most places received mains electricity; to make light we heated a wire inside a gas. Depending on the type of gas we either got an orange light or a yellow light. Unfortunately 80% to 90% of the electricity consumed was wasted as heat, the remainder allowed for light. We used reflectors to direct the light; this has been the status quo for some time, until LED lighting became commercially viable approximately four years ago.

LED, (Light Emitting Diode) allows the manufacture of a much more efficient light, however initially the light produced was very “blue/ cold” this was between 7000 to 10000 kelvins. It’s a sterile light.

In the last two years we have been able to make a light which more closely resembles or even matches natural light. This is between 4900 and 6500 Kelvins. All lighting installations in offices, commercial, manufacturing and retail environments should be in this range. It is better for our health and wellbeing. It improves our efficiency and reduces stress in the work place.

Lux Levels
The Chartered Institution of Building Services and Engineers (CIBSE) produce a guide line of what lighting level is required in different environments. This is also endorsed by the Lighting Industry Association. For example, Offices and small retail premises require 300 to 500 Lux; show rooms 500 to 750 Lux; while warehouses and distribution 100 to 300 Lux.


Intelligent LED Lighting gives the greatest energy savings and also has the longest working life. Each light works independently. It is set up to deliver an exact amount of light for a given area when activated. It also senses the amount of natural light coming into a building and modulates its power consumption to suit the Lux level required. This means that rather than burning a constant 100 watts, it will burn between 5 watts to 100 watts. Most of the time these lights operate at 20% to 60%. Saving money and increasing their operating life.

Energy Oasis LED running costs versus Competitor LED running costs.

This range of lights we offer is a cost effective solution with some of the benefits of intelligent lighting. They are a high quality UK manufactured product. We use controls to regulate blocks of lights in rooms and areas inside buildings, we use external controls to regulate the light output.

Traditional 4 tube florescent 600 X 600 = 72 watts.
Lasts approx 3 years.
8 hours x £x = cost.

Energy Oasis Natural Light LED 600 X 600 = 36 watts.
Lasts for between 10 to 20 years.
8 Hours x £x = cost.

This represents an Energy Oasis saving of 50%

High Bay Sodium Lights 400 watt.
Lasts between 4 and 10 years.
8 Hours x £x = cost.

Energy Oasis LED High Bay fitting 100 watts.
Lasts between 10 and 20 years.
8 Hours x £x = cost.

This represents an Energy Oasis saving of 75%

Energy Saving with LED Daylight Harvesting

The following diagrams represent real time energy reduction in in LED output in bright light conditions.

As latent light increases the output of our LED lighting drops saving costs - Intelligent LED lighting units contain sensors capable of reducing their output as the level of ambient light around them increases.

By comparing the two diagrams it is evident that bright sunshine week beginning Sunday 17th April 2016, causes the Intelligent LEDs to automatically reduce their output to less than 50% of the following week.
Data monitoring provided by our real-time, ENVISIJ energy monitoring solution.