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LED Lighting

Efficient and Intelligent LED lighting is a key component for many sites to unlock significant cost and carbon savings.

Energy Oasis understand the legislative requirements for lux levels to provide the necessary requirements for a comfortable and safe operating environment. We focus on the importance of lighting design and in many instances will reduce the number of lights, rather than just replacing like for like. Read more about light quality, kelvins and lux levels.

Thongsbridge Tennis Centre

When selecting an LED Lighting solution, it is vitally important to consider the ongoing costs as well as the ‘initial cost of installation’. Cheaper initial lamp purchase costs can be far outweighed by the running, replacement and maintenance costs. Read more about Energy Saving with LED Daylight Harvesting.

Unfortunately, there are suppliers in the market that offer poor advice and products which do not perform as required, either in terms of energy consumption, light output or longevity. This benefits no-one except those suppliers themselves.

Richmond Equestian Centre

Energy Oasis provide high quality controllable lighting solutions that drastically reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. These are sourced from our UK manufacturer partners, one of which is the longest established LED provider in Europe.

Standing LED Lighting

This range of lights we offer is a cost effective solution with some of the benefits of intelligent lighting. They are a high quality UK manufactured product. We use controls to regulate blocks of lights in rooms and areas inside buildings, we use external controls to regulate the light output.

Traditional 4 tube florescent 600 X 600 = 72 watts.
Lasts approx 3 years.
8 hours x £x = cost.

Energy Oasis Natural Light LED 600 X 600 = 36 watts.
Lasts for between 10 to 20 years.
8 Hours x £x = cost.

This represents an Energy Oasis saving of 50%

High Bay Sodium Lights 400 watt.
Lasts between 4 and 10 years.
8 Hours x £x = cost.

Energy Oasis LED High Bay fitting 100 watts.
Lasts between 10 and 20 years.
8 Hours x £x = cost.

This represents an Energy Oasis saving of 75%


Intelligent LED Lighting gives the greatest energy savings and also has the longest working life. Each light works independently. It is set up to deliver an exact amount of light for a given area when activated. It also senses the amount of natural light coming into a building and modulates its power consumption to suit the Lux level required. This means that rather than burning a constant 100 watts, it will burn between 5 watts to 100 watts. Most of the time these lights operate at 20% to 60%. Saving money and increasing their operating life.

Energy Oasis LED running costs versus Competitor LED running costs.

"Everyone’s a winner. This new Intelligent LED is actually going to decrease the amount of energy they are using, decrease their bills, but the lighting quality has actually gone up."

- Jason McCartney - MP Colne Valley

If you’re a business looking to work with zero carbon solutions to reduce your energy bill and environmental impact, get in contact.

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