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Our Vision

A cleaner, greener, healthier and more peaceful world for future generations to enjoy.

This is a massively challenging time to be alive

Energy Oasis provide transparent and sustainable solutions to reduce energy consumption and provide renewable energy for businesses, organisations and communities.

The second decade of this century saw increasing awareness to the climate emergency

2019, in particular, was a turning point with the likes of David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion making news headlines on a daily basis.  Governments around the world began to take the warnings of scientists seriously and started declaring a “climate emergency”. In the business world, Mark Carney described businesses not aligning to the climate agenda as being in the “sunset sector”.

Energy will become more and more precious

There will be a shift away from fossil fuels and, where these sources are used, there will be associated tariffs and taxes channelled to offsetting the climate impact. In short, those responsible for greenhouse gas emissions will pay for them to be removed. Forestry, habitats and ecosystem management will become big business, paid for significantly by carbon offsetting schemes.

Energy efficiency, energy management and a switch to renewables

This will happen faster than most predictions, bringing down costs and creating several tipping points. Individuals, organisations, towns, cities and nations will increasingly use the language of “zero-carbon” and the most progressive will even seek to compensate for past emissions.  Engineering and construction methods will evolve rapidly to minimise energy use and exploit new technologies.

There will be a complete transformation of the global socio-economic context

This in turn will allow regions, previously reliant on fossil-fuel trade, to be more independent. The so-called developing world will also benefit from funds for forestation and similar. Used intelligently this has the potential to bring millions of people out of poverty.

Transport systems will shift to renewables and energy generation will increasingly be decentralised

With more use of community-based schemes.  There will be more intelligent integration of renewable generation, energy efficiency, automation, energy storage and connectivity to electric vehicles. Those who understand and manage this complexity will be winners in the years to come. Energy Oasis will play a key role in this in partnership with our growing customer base and trusted industry partners.

If you’re a business looking to work with zero carbon solutions to reduce your energy bill and environmental impact, get in contact.

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