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Renewable Generation & Heating

By generating energy from renewable sources you could offset most, if not all, of your carbon emissions.

Energy Oasis work with a range of partners to provide the optimal renewable generation solutions. We also provide energy storage to maximise the utilisation benefits of the renewable generation output. Not all providers will offer the range of solutions we provide, and so you may not achieve the optimum savings.

Energy Oasis what we do
Solar Panels

Solar PV

Solar PV is one of the simplest renewable technologies with the fewest moving parts enabling long product warranties and 25-year performance output guarantees. We can provide any size and type of Solar PV installation. This includes roof, ground, canopy mounted solar PV, as well as “in-glass” solutions.

Wind Turbines

We can provide a range of wind turbines most suited to the energy requirements and location. We will provide a site and wind assessment, and assist in the preparation, submission and resolution of any necessary planning applications.

Wind Turbines
Energy Storage

Energy Storage

Energy Storage can maximise the use of on-site renewable generation by storing any excess energy for later usage. The size and performance characteristics of any energy storage solution will be a bespoke designed installation to achieve maximum efficiencies and savings in line with the priorities of your business.

Renewable Heating Schemes

A lot of businesses have heating requirements for their processes and/or space heating purposes. Energy Oasis can provide a range of sizes and types of renewable heating schemes, including Combined Heat & Power (CHP). These will be bespoke designs tailored to business needs.

Renewable Heating Schemes
"Energy Oasis have worked with us to facilitate all the solutions. They have been diligent, hardworking and professional in every aspect and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies."

- Mark Atkinson - Director at JT Atkinson - Energy Oasis Solar PV installations at 26 sites

If you’re a business looking to work with zero carbon solutions to reduce your energy bill and environmental impact, get in contact.

Our flexible finance model gives you and your business what you need…