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Sport Facilities

We provide the correct lux levels for all indoor and outdoor sporting facilities with intelligent LED lighting to maximise energy savings and reduce maintenance costs.

Thongsbridge Tennis Centre

Thongsbridge Case Study

To provide a better quality of indoor court lighting and save energy and maintenance costs, we provided an extensive energy analysis and detailed lighting design compliant with LTA standards.

We installed a UK manufactured Carbon Trust accredited LED lighting solution with minimal disruption to members. We replaced 144xQuad 4ft Fluorescents with 88 Intelligent LED lights that provide Daylight Harvesting, Motion Detection, and maintain 600 lux performance over the lifetime of the asset.

Our before and after monitoring showed a peak lighting reduction of 34%. After allowing for reduced maintenance requirements, financial savings were 76% providing a return on investment of 4.2 years. There is also a significant saving of 69% on CO2 emissions.

Part funding for the work was provided by the LTA.

Richmond Equestrian Centre Case Study

Richmond Equestrian Centre’s previous lighting was very poor, noisy and creating shadows that create dangers for the horses and the riders. They also wanted to reduce their maintenance and running costs.

We provided a design that provided lux levels above British Equestrian Federation standard and included day light harvesting and PIR. We reduced the energy consumption by 86% and removed the £1,300 a year maintenance costs.

Washington Riding Centre

Washington Riding Centre Case Study

Washington Riding Centre installed intelligent LED lighting to enhance the safety of the riding experience. Previous light levels were only 120 lux against the recommended minimum of 250 lux. The replacement of 21 x 400 watt sodium lights – that made a pronounced buzzing noise – with 15 Intelligent LEDs provided an energy consumption reduction of over 86%. The installation provides a financial saving of nearly £4,000/annum and over 12 tonnes of CO2/annum.

"We really appreciate the fact that you have installed everything, and it has been finished ahead of schedule, so thanks again for all your team have done."

- Eileen Curley - Centre Manager

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