Energy Monitoring & Reduction

Energy Oasis works with YOU to find your Energy Efficiency Solution.
We will monitor, evaluate and recommend ways to reduce energy consumption
within your business.

We will supply and install your energy efficient solution and act as a
consultant regarding funding for your scheme.

We would love the chance to show you how Energy Oasis
could be exactly the solution you are looking for.


✓ A holistic service with expertise from the commercial and renewable sector
✓ Auditing and comprehensive recommendations on your best energy reduction solutions
✓ Consultation and advice on options to finance the solution
✓ Professional installation of the energy saving solution
✓ Ongoing monitoring of consumption, so you continue to benefit from efficiencies
✓ Service and maintenance programmes


Do you spend more than £10k a year on electricity?
Or, do you have a 24/7 operation and think that there must be a more efficient way to monitor and control energy usage?
Would you like to benefit from Government financial incentives AND save money on energy bills?
Do you care enough about future generations to consider energy reduction as a viable alternative to fossil fuels?
Would you like your business to be able to demonstrate a social responsibility that you can be proud of?


"The Argument"

Experts argue; opinions change; yet everyone agrees on one fact. Sooner or later, coal and oil and gas will simply not be available as sources of energy. Even if it is not a problem for you, it will be for your grandchildren and future generations. Would you not rather leave a better legacy?

"The Incentives"

The UK Government has introduced tax incentives such as the Enhanced Capital Allowance & Annual Investment Allowances. These are incentivised schemes and financial benefits available, by installing energy efficient lighting and monitoring equipment.

"The Legislation"

The UK Government has introduced legislative guidelines and financial penalties for businesses not making a demonstrable commitment to reduce their energy consumption.

"The Benefits"

Switching to energy efficient technologies with Energy Oasis, will save you money, reduce your energy consumption, reduce you carbon output, comply with the latest legislation, meet on-going energy reduction targets and become more socially responsible.